All of our teachers are experienced, fully trained and passionate about yoga. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions you have. We are here to ensure you benefit as much as possible from your practice.

Sandra, Kylie & Stephanie look forward to seeing you in the studio soon.


After years as an athlete and corporate business woman, Sandra developed a love and appreciation of yoga 20 years ago and since then has been dedicated to the path of yoga and teaching.

Taught by renowned yoga teacher Mark Whitwell and many others along her journey, Sandra uses her passion and experience to develop class styles to suit everyone's needs. 

Sandra's classes are carefully planned to bring physical and mental awareness and build inner and outer strength. Her classes include technique, alignment and a good dose of humour that keeps students coming back for more. 


kylie jakes

Kylie’s love of yoga began when she wandered into her first yoga class as a teenager. A few years later she discovered ashtanga and the rest is history. As a lifelong student, Kylie believes the longer we practice, the more we uncover, and that there is always something more to learn and share.  

Trained and mentored under Don Peers to gain her 200hr hatha/vinyasa certification, Kylie now continues to be mentored by Sandra. She credits the many experienced, inspiring and passionate teachers she has had the privilege of practicing with in giving her a strong foundation practice, and a deep understanding of yoga both on and off the mat. 

Kylie’s aim is to create a space where the students in her classes can bring themselves back to balance, find a softness in their practice, and ultimately leave feeling better than when they walked in. 




Stephanie is an elite athlete that competed in state and national level gymnastics before transferring to half-pipe snowboarding where she made the Australian Winter Olympic Team in 2014 competing in Sochi, Russia.

Attending her first yoga class with her mum as a teenager but it wasn't till after the olympics did she find her love for yoga and develope a deeper understanding of the mind and body. Yoga soon became a part of her training program as injury prevention and learning to control the breath and mind during competitions.

Stephanie completed her hatha/vinyasa teacher certification with John Ogilvie of Byron Yoga Centre in 2016 and gained alot of wisdom on yoga from the studio and combined it with her athletic background. Stephanie now has a strong yoga practice and her classes are always full of positive energy and making sure her students develope strength and flexibility while enjoying every aspect of their yoga.